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Cinched Wear

Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer

Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer

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Goodbye belly fat, separated abdominal muscles, back ache and bloating... HELLO NEW YOU!

"To be honest, my midsection shrinking is just the icing on the cake; the real win is in how I feel and what I can do now. It's being able to play on the floor with my kids without hunching over when I stand up from back pain, it's saying to my kids now you have to keep up with ME! I'm setting the pace and doing all those things I couldn''t before,"

cinched wear sizing chart

Kristy, Cinched Wear Founder


how you can look from waist training


How will the Cinched Waist Trainer help you become the best you?

  • It can protect your spine & improve your posture, evenly distributing compression around your midsection. The Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer has been designed to avoid curling up, rolling down, or moving about when you sit, squat or move. Your lumbar is better supported, and the trainer can help your back stay straighter, assist with hunching pain, improve overall posture, and relieve back pain. 


progress shots waist training postpartum


  •  It can help with post-pregnancy recovery after birth. Many professionals recommend compression around the midsection following birth to help with recovery.  The Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer can help you smooth your tummy, post-pregnancy, whether you've had a natural birth or a c-section.




  • It can help reduce swelling, tighten skin, minimize stretch marks, ease the uterus back to its normal size, protect inner organs from sagging, and can help prevent further damage for those experiencing Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation); helping to restore your body to its original shape. 


before and after of separated abdominal muscles from pregnancy postpartum recovery


  before and after photos from wearing a waist cincher


  • It can Help with Back-Pain and Aches, and function as an effective lumbar back-brace support. The Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer can also be used as a support for strength training. It is easy to wear and take off, and also keeps your abdominal muscles warm when doing outdoor activities in cold weather. The trainer adapts to many workouts or activities, and supports most body types. 


images of the different variations of diastasis recti


  • Provide Firm Control, reducing bloating through your midsection with the specially crafted hourglass curved design. It is also made with professional latex-free neoprene for easier comfort and adjustment. Additionally, your Cinched 3-belt Waist Trainer can help flatten your tummy, hold your stomach in, and can be worn under your clothing, or on top of your clothing when you workout to help you lose weight.  

 results before and after postpartum compression garment

  • Assist and Aid in Functional Weight Loss by increasing the temperature in your waist and abdomen. You may sweat 3 times more than usual when wearing your Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer; a benefit of thermogenics or heat generation. Wearing the trainer may assist in helping to burn more calories, accelerate your metabolism and promote blood circulation too; all while reducing your waist size and increasing muscle toning. 

increase core temperature to sweat more working out and burn kilojoules

Why the Cinched 3-Belt Waist Trainer is the only trainer to consider:

  • covers the ENTIRE torso;

  • doesn't create a pooch below or above the belts,

  •  is a dual-layer trainer, with 3-Belts for additional support. This additional layer of even compression is what makes the difference, and is something that current popular single-layer hook and eye trainers are lacking.

  • is designed with a purposeful curve that follows the desired hourglass shape; instead of being sewn "straight up and down"

  • is made of premium NEOPRENE, not LATEX, so you don't have to worry so much about allergies and best of all, unlike some rigid waist trainers this one is soft, smooth, stretchy, durable,  comfortable, lightweight, and won't pinch your skin. Perfect to wear around the house, or out and about!  

  • compared with latex, is more heat-retaining because of the neoprene fabric, and therefore increases your core temperature quicker, boosting thermogenic activity in a shorter time. 


waist training progress results best cincher of 2020


  • can be ordered for GENTLE or FIRM compression, and is amazingly comfortable.  

  • is available in three beautiful colors: The Ava in Black, The Pink Lily, and The Olivia in Gray. 

  • has a first compressive layer with hook and eye loops in three width variations for ease in sizing down.

  • has a second compressive layer with 3 dedicated belts (one for the upper, mid and lower abdominal muscles sections) that protect and support you EVENLY throughout your ENTIRE midsection. Consider this inherent feature of our trainer an upgrade to existing 1 or 2 belt waist trainers on the market. 


top 5 waist trainers of 2020

 How the signature 3 belt waist trainer came about...

Cinched Wear started after a visit to my physiotherapist for consistent back and shoulder pain, and after gaining weight from constant snacking. I decided it was time to do something for myself. It was time to reclaim the best me.

I started Cinched Wear after my physiotherapist pointed out that some of my back pain and discomfort may be caused from Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation that resulted from my two pregnancies).

Having children has been the most amazing blessing for me and something I will forever be grateful for. However, months had gone by after the birth of my second son, and I still found my stomach was bulging through a horrible gap that ran all the way up my midsection. I also still had pain and was tender to touch throughout my abdominal section, where my abdominal muscles had not rejoined since carrying my children to birth.

My physio suggested that with some gentle exercises and a little extra compressive help around my midsection, my abdominal muscles would heal a lot quicker.

I was advised that wearing a compressive band could really help; however, I struggled to find a trainer that had even and firm consistent pressure for my entire torso... also, it was hard finding something comfortable too.

I tried a lot of shapewear that ended up rolling down or up, and I have also worn waist-trainers with one or two belts; but I found these trainers can leave you bulging above and below the belt-lines. I wanted a trainer with an extra layer of support running from top to bottom that had THREE belts: one for the upper, one for the mid, AND one dedicated belt for the lower abdominal muscles. You see, when you're pregnant ALL of your abdomen is stretched, so I want protection, support and healing for ALL of my stomach area during recovery too.

After a lot of research and sampling of various products, I have found THE trainer! The Cinched 3 belt system with three adjustable hook and eye closure widths, sizes up and down with you as you make progress! I love it because there is even pressure across ALL of the abdomen too.

I started out with my abdomen having almost 6cm of separation, and after about a year of wearing my trainer on most days of the week for about 2 to 3hrs each day, I sized down from a 5xl to the xl size and no longer have diastasis recti! (Results will differ from person to person).


two sizes down with this waist trainer 3 belt with corset

So this is my story, a story of postpartum recovery! Please check with your health professional to see if using a waist-trainer is right for you.

Any questions? Just get in touch below, or on our Contact Us page and we will gladly assist you!

Now it's time to do something for YOU.


waist training success stories



The following is a guide to help you utilise and get the most out of your waist trainer. 

Consistency is the key

To see results from your waist trainer, like most things, consistency is the key. Try to wear your waist trainer everyday, or most days, if you want to experience results.

However, start out wearing your trainer for short spells. We recommend, if you are new to waist-training or in postpartum recovery, to start wearing your trainer for no more than an up to an hour the first few times you put it on. This is because your muscles will take a little time to adjust to being compressed.

Your torso may NEVER have ever experienced the feeling of continual compression before, and so if you wear your trainer for too long "straight out the gate", you may have aches and pains in the following day or two.

If you do get aches or pains the next day, this is just a sign that you may need to give your trainer a break for another day or two, then start again as your muscles get used to being worked by the trainer.

It's okay in this case to reduce wearing your waist-trainer to a total of half an hour in the day, at the beginning of your waist-training journey, so that your body has more time to adjust.

Imagine if you haven't done a single workout for many years, and then you enter a marathon without any prior training in the lead-up to the marathon event... you would be sore and sorry the next day! Whilst wearing a trainer isn't the same as a marathon, like training for a marathon, you need to build your body up slowly so that your muscles can adjust to the new feeling of being hugged and supported for the periods of time when you are wearing your trainer. 

See results even quicker: healthy eating and regular exercise

Ah yes, that old thing! You can wear your waist trainer and certainly experience results, but if you really want to fast-track things, incorporate a healthy eating plan and some regular exercise into your lifestyle too. 

 What about if I have allergies to latex?

The good news is, our trainer is made from neoprene and not latex. So your risk of having an allergic reaction to the trainer material is greatly reduced. 

You can wear your trainer underneath your clothes if you really want to, but Cinched Wear recommends wearing a 100% cotton shirt or tank top underneath your trainer. Wearing your trainer over a top will also help keep your trainer cleaner for longer so you don't have to wash it as much!

On that note, we only ever recommend handwashing your waist trainer.

So how many hours should you wear your trainer for, in total each day?

As mentioned before, begin by wearing your trainer for just 1hr a day, and then see how you feel the following day. If you feel ok, and don't have any sore muscles from wearing the trainer, then go right ahead and increase your next waist training wear-time for up to 2hrs.

Continue in this fashion, increasing an hour at a time, until you reach a maximum of 8hrs per day. Some people only wear their trainers for 3 to 4hrs per day and find this is enough for them to have the results they desire. Results vary from person to person however, so you will need to work out what is comfortable and right for you.

Cinched Wear doesn't recommend wearing your trainer for any longer than 8hrs a day, as a maximum. If you wear your trainer ALL the time, your muscles can actually become complacent and dependant on your trainer, and in the course of this your muscles can weaken or become "lazy" as they expect the trainer to do all the work for them. If you stick to wearing your trainer for 8hrs or less in a 24hr period, this problem shouldn't occur.  

 Should I sleep in my waist trainer?

Never sleep in your trainer. It is not recommended. Your muscles need that break, and for quality sleep it is better not to be wearing your trainer. You want to be able to breathe deeply and move freely and experience restoration after a long day.

 How do I choose my size?

Step 1. Pick your desired level of compression: gentle or firm. 

Gentle Compression is the best choice for anyone beginning waist training. It is also the recommended choice for women in postpartum recovery who are trying to heal diastasis-recti or abdominal separation, or who seek to slim their tummy size back down.

Our waist trainers aren't just for women in postpartum recovery though, they are also ideal for people who: need back support and help with easing back pain, people who are seeking to supplement weight loss goals, and for people who are working on fitness goals.

If you are in postpartum recovery you don't actually want a waist trainer that is too firm otherwise it can actually hinder your recovery. Likewise, if you are new to waist training it can take a while for your body to adjust to the feeling of compression. If you go straight to wearing something too firm, it can be like going from not exercising for years to jumping straight into an advanced fitness class - you could be sore and sorry the next day! Try not to rush the process, you want to do things safely and surely! 

Click here to see the sizing chart and choose your compression. 

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