Instructions on How to Use Your Waist Trainer

The following is a guide to help you utilise and get the most out of your waist trainer. 

Consistency is the key

To see results from your waist trainer, like most things, consistency is the key. Try to wear your waist trainer everyday, or most days, if you want to experience results.

However, start out wearing your trainer for short spells. We recommend, if you are new to waist-training or in postpartum recovery, to start wearing your trainer for no more than an up to an hour the first few times you put it on. This is because your muscles will take a little time to adjust to being compressed.

Your torso may NEVER have ever experienced the feeling of continual compression before, and so if you wear your trainer for too long "straight out the gate", you may have aches and pains in the following day or two.

If you do get aches or pains the next day, this is just a sign that you may need to give your trainer a break for another day or two, then start again as your muscles get used to being worked by the trainer.

It's okay in this case to reduce wearing your waist-trainer to a total of half an hour in the day, at the beginning of your waist-training journey, so that your body has more time to adjust.

Imagine if you haven't done a single workout for many years, and then you enter a marathon without any prior training in the lead-up to the marathon event... you would be sore and sorry the next day! Whilst wearing a trainer isn't the same as a marathon, like training for a marathon, you need to build your body up slowly so that your muscles can adjust to the new feeling of being hugged and supported for the periods of time when you are wearing your trainer. 

See results even quicker: healthy eating and regular exercise

Ah yes, that old thing! You can wear your waist trainer and certainly experience results, but if you really want to fast-track things, incorporate a healthy eating plan and some regular exercise into your lifestyle too. 


What about if I have allergies to latex?

The good news is, our trainer is made from neoprene and not latex. So your risk of having an allergic reaction to the trainer material is greatly reduced. 

You can wear your trainer underneath your clothes if you really want to, but Cinched Wear recommends wearing a 100% cotton shirt or tank top underneath your trainer. Wearing your trainer over a top will also help keep your trainer cleaner for longer so you don't have to wash it as much!

On that note, we only ever recommend handwashing your waist trainer.


So how many hours should you wear your trainer for, in total each day?

As mentioned before, begin by wearing your trainer for just 1hr a day, and then see how you feel the following day. If you feel ok, and don't have any sore muscles from wearing the trainer, then go right ahead and increase your next waist training wear-time for up to 2hrs.

Continue in this fashion, increasing an hour at a time, until you reach a maximum of 8hrs per day. Some people only wear their trainers for 3 to 4hrs per day and find this is enough for them to have the results they desire. Results vary from person to person however, so you will need to work out what is comfortable and right for you.

Cinched Wear doesn't recommend wearing your trainer for any longer than 8hrs a day, as a maximum. If you wear your trainer ALL the time, your muscles can actually become complacent and dependant on your trainer, and in the course of this your muscles can weaken or become "lazy" as they expect the trainer to do all the work for them. If you stick to wearing your trainer for 8hrs or less in a 24hr period, this problem shouldn't occur.  


Should I sleep in my waist trainer?

Never sleep in your trainer. It is not recommended. Your muscles need that break, and for quality sleep it is better not to be wearing your trainer. You want to be able to breathe deeply and move freely and experience restoration after a long day.


How do I choose my size?

Step 1. Pick your desired level of compression: gentle or firm. 

Gentle Compression is the best choice for anyone beginning waist training. It is also the recommended choice for women in postpartum recovery who are trying to heal diastasis-recti or abdominal separation, or who seek to slim their tummy size back down.

Our waist trainers aren't just for women in postpartum recovery though, they are also ideal for people who: need back support and help with easing back pain, people who are seeking to supplement weight loss goals, and for people who are working on fitness goals.

If you are in postpartum recovery you don't actually want a waist trainer that is too firm otherwise it can actually hinder your recovery. Likewise, if you are new to waist training it can take a while for your body to adjust to the feeling of compression. If you go straight to wearing something too firm, it can be like going from not exercising for years to jumping straight into an advanced fitness class - you could be sore and sorry the next day! Try not to rush the process, you want to do things safely and surely! 

Firm Compression is perfect for if you have waist-trained before and your muscles are used to the benefits of firm compression. Once you have safely completed postpartum recovery, or if you have done waist training before and are ready to level-up, then go right ahead and choose the firmer option. This style is going to fit tight! It may take some effort in getting the hooks and eyes done up the first couple of times, but as your body starts getting results and as your trainer molds to your body, you should more easily get your trainer on... until you're ready to size down, again! 


Step 2. Pick your size

Now it's time to measure your waist with a tape-measure. Click here to view our sizing chart to get the correct waist-trainer size for you.

PLEASE NOTE: OUR WAIST TRAINERS ARE NOT YOUR REGULAR SIZE! If you are usually an XL in clothes for example, this does not necessarily mean you will be an XL in a waist trainer. DO NOT SKIP THIS IMPORTANT STEP TO GET THE CORRECT SIZE WAIST TRAINER FOR YOU!

You don't want to be excited to receive your waist trainer, and then it arrives, but it's too big or too small. It's not a great feeling to have to wait even longer and go through an exchange process! Get it right from the start to make the most out of your waist-training journey by having the correct size from the outset, to avoid disappointment.