About Us

About Cinched Wear

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to get to know more about Cinched Wear! 

I am Kristy, Founder of Cinched Wear and an Aussie mum to 2 young boys. Many mums will know that having children changes your priorities... and what I learnt is that in prioritising everyone and everything else, I'd forgotten to look after myself! 

Kristy founder cinched wear

Cinched Wear is a little place where you can come to put yourself first beginning with self-care and ending with a little fun!

This is your place to celebrate life and all its up and downs, and to recognise the things you endure each and everyday with a sprinkle of laughter!

Remember to take some time for yourself and to celebrate being uniquely you!

Cinched Wear began with the signature 3 belt waist trainer and was the only item sold on the site originally. With support from amazing customers like you, Cinched Wear continues to grow into being able to offer so much more!

Cinched Wear now proudly offers fun mum and dad tees, jumpers and hoodies, and is about to launch a luxurious pamper line you won't be able to resist.

Thanks for supporting a small business owner with big dreams!

Any questions? Just get in touch below, or on our Contact Us page and we will gladly assist you!