About Us

Kristy founder cinched wear


Humour is medicine, and I've always enjoyed having a laugh at a good classic funny t-shirt; I mean 1) it's the perfect conversation starter when you're not sure how else to break the ice, and 2) shirts with funny sayings on them bring a shitload of laughter... and laughing releases endorphins which makes you feel relaxed and happy!

I've always felt clothing is an extension of someone's personality, so to wear your thoughts, inappropriate feelings, humour and sarcasm on a comfy shirt for all to see allows you to "get things off your chest" without actually saying anything!

I've always had a passion for creating, and when I thought I could marry these two loves of humour and creating funny t-shirt designs together... boom, a super-rad idea came to mind, and I just went with it, and now I have a business named Cinched Wear which has become a huge success thanks to others who have a love for a good expressive funny tee too!

Be exactly who you are without apologising (because I'm sure there's a shirt in the store that will do that for you too!) Let your shirt do the talking, and be unapologetically you!

Kristy :)