When will I see Results?

Your waist trainer gives you an instant slimming effect, but it is more than that. If worn daily, and combined with healthier eating and exercise, you can reduce your waist more quickly. Not only that wearing a waist trainer can help accentuate your bust and butt too! 

If you are new to waist training, or if you have just had a baby, we recommend to start out slowly. Wearing your waist trainer regularly is more effective, but you want to start by wearing it for only an 1 hour a day until your body feels comfortable enough to wear it longer. As your muscles adjust you can begin wearing your trainer for a few hours a day, everyday. We do not recommend wearing your trainer any more than 8hrs a day. Also, never sleep with your waist trainer on. 

Waist trainers are actually great for slimming down and reducing your waist size. Kristy, the founder of Cinched Wear says that after only 2 months of waist training, she is about to size down for the third time.

"It's amazing! I wasn't sure about waist trainers at first, because I had heard so many conflicting things. But now I know that it's all about the type of waist trainer you get, and how you approach it. I am an absolute believer in waist training now.

"I still have quite a way to go. But I have also come such a long way in only a couple of months! Before wearing a waist trainer regularly, I was at a complete stand-still with my abdominal separation problems. I was having back pain ALL the time. It's horrible when you can't even play with your kids on the floor properly because your back hurts too much. I am happy to say I don't have that problem now... and also, I have gone from having a 6cm gap between my abdomen, to a 2cm gap... I'm not stopping now!" 

Kristy will be sharing her waist cinching journey on Cinched Wear's instagram if you wish to follow along.  


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