What can a Waist Trainer do for you? 

A waist trainer has many different functions, purposes and benefits. For instance, you may be using a trainer to assist in postpartum recovery, or you may be using one for weight loss purposes. 

Our neoprene trainer is perfectly designed to help increase your core temperature and increase thermogenic activity - so not only will you sweat more, but you will burn kilojoules!

Our waist trainer can be worn during most workouts, and can actually help you have a more effective workout too! It can help improve your posture, help you bend correctly, alleviate back pain, reduce bloating, and more importantly for women who have just gone through pregnancy, it can help heal and improve abdominal separation, or diastasis recti. 

Kristy, the founder of Cinched Wear says, "Wearing your waist trainer has a lot of psychological benefits too! Just wearing mine serves as a reminder to hold my core in, and when I'm wearing my trainer, I have to say it also makes me feel more confident. It's almost like I get an extra pep in my step!" 

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